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After the Moment

25 Years after the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) of Cincinnati presented Robert Mapplethorpe’s controversial exhibit, The Perfect Moment, the reverberations of the show that challenged our ideas of censorship could still be felt. In honor of this historical landmark, the museum invited local artists to respond to the show and its lasting impressions. After the Moment is a durational work, taking place in the very sight where Mapplethorpe’s show was originally displayed. It questions what power the human body has to disrupt, be heard, and who has ownership over what spaces. The creation of this work was facilitated by MamLuft&Company Dance and curated into the opening reception performance series by Maria Seda-Reeder.

Direction: Amelia Koper Heintzelman


Performers: McKenzie Barkdull and Amelia Koper Heintzelman

Presented at:

The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, OH 2015

Presented by: MamLuft&Co Dance

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