I make dances because I believe in the power of showing up and creating spaces for inclusivity and dialogue, both verbal and nonverbal, around the human condition. I believe in the potential for movement to invite in empathy and I am constantly in awe of the beauty that is born out of this act of sharing. Dance is my daily ritual and it continues to keep me open.

Within my creative work I inhabit nonlinear process that is not fixed on generating product. I am interested in unfolding the archives that live in my body as a means for inquiry, while simultaneously staying receptive to those around me. I often perform in my own work and recognize the container molded by my narrative, expanding upon the many histories, both past and alive, of those who I carry, and invite, into the room. 

I am currently invested in a long term collaborative process with artist Leah Fournier under the name Middle Space Dance. Middle Space is a container for choreographic and improvisational experiments alive in the present, with an emphasis in play, while leaving enough room for failure. Our current research includes the search for glamour in mundane spaces and experiences. 

Photo courtesy of MamLuft&Co Dance

2010 - present

2010 - present

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