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Alexa West

Occasion, Occasion, Occasion (2023)


Featuring five dancers responding to the space of the table — above, below, upon — Alexa West’s Occasion, occasion, occasion considers the social architecture of gathering. West’s placement of multiple tables provides both stage and platform, a space for presentation and for performance. The dancers embody different “character-ways,” — among them the go-go and ballet dancer, and the server, individuals whose actions occasionally coalesce to suggest a broader narrative.


Performed by Justin Faircloth, Amelia Heintzelman, Jade Manns, Michael Miles, and Sophia Parker

Photos by: Maria Baranova, Carolyne Loree Teston, Video by Kayhl Cooper


Sound and music by Lucy Lie

Bard College, Tivoli, NY
July 2023

Performa Biennial curated by Mark Beasley 
The HubNew York. NY
November 2023

99 Canal x Untitled
Untitled Art Fair, Miami, FL
December 2023

Procession (2023)


Performed by Isa Spector, Savannah Lyons Anthony, Amelia Heintzelman, Anna Thérèse Witenberg, Lena Engelstein, and Noa Weiss.


With songs by Ryan Woodhall

Video by Kayhl Cooper

Pageant Brooklyn, NY 
February 2023

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