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Ayano Elson

Shadows Later (2023)


Shadows Later mines and processes an archive of public artworks and private memories—each of which relates to the American modern dancer (broadly) and my collaborators and myself (narrowly). Shadows Later features my longtime collaborators Liz Charky (lighting), Matt Evans (music), Amelia Heintzelman (dance), Jade Manns (dance), and myself (dance).

Pageant Brooklyn, NY

October 2023

Poor Image (2023) -  in progress

This new work by CPR 2022 Artist-in-Residence Ayano Elson investigates the roles of labor and power in contemporary American dance-making. Using improvisatory choreographic, musical, and text-based scores, Poor Image examines sites of conflict that emerge through the process of translation. The work envisions points at which reconstruction, desire, and loss become necessary to bring unseen, implicit material closer to the surface. Leveraging the collaborative environment of CPR, for this in-progress presentation, Elson and performers use control and instability as primary poles while experimenting within fixed patterns and a fixed space. Elson will be joined by Matt Evans, Savannah Gaillard, Amelia Heintzelman, and ensemble musicians Robby Bowen, Johann Diedrick, Charlie Gangemi, Max Levin, Jemila MacEwan, Hank Mason, Livvy Marcus, and Tommy Martinez.

Sunday Salon

Center for Performance Research Brooklyn NY

March 12, 2023

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