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Phoebe Berglund

Sky Stone Sea (2021)

Phoebe Berglund Dance Troupe: Julia Antinozzi, Juli Brandano, Wendell Gray II, Jordan Demetrius Lloyd, Jade Manns, Leanna Grennan, Ella W-S, Amelia Heintzelman, Leah Samuels

Contemporary experimental musicians, dancers, and artists gather for an afternoon-long exploration of Fluxus scores drawn from the landmark 1963 publication An Anthology of Chance Operations. Edited by minimalist composer La Monte Young and poet Jackson Mac Low, and designed by George Maciunas, this seminal book drew together radical ideas for new forms of art and performance from a coterie of artists who would come to define the Fluxus art movement. In areas throughout the Getty Center, artists bring new interpretations to open-ended and poetic instructions by George Brecht, Simone Forti, Walter de Maria, Earle Brown, and others. From parked cars played like musical instruments, to rocks mysteriously and methodically moved along a beach, to a graphic music score radically reimagined, these unexpected happenings upend our daily experience of the world. This program is co-presented with Getty Museum's Ever Present series and coincides with the exhibition Fluxus Means Change: Jean Brown’s Avant-Garde Archive, which runs from September 14, 2021 through January 2, 2022 at the Getty Research Institute.

Meaningless Work, Get To Work: Fluxus Scores with Tashi Wda, Simone Forti, Phoebe Berglund
Presented by The Getty Museum, curated by Sarah 

Los Angeles, CA (livestream) and Marsha P Johnson State Park Brooklyn, NY 

December 4, 2021 

Trio for Nine (Fall 2020, Winter & Spring 2021)

Phoebe Berglund Dance Troupe: Julia Antinozzi, Josie Bettman, Lavinia Eloise Bruce, Juli Brandano, Jade Manns, Leanna Grennan, Ella W-S, Amelia Heintzelman, Leah Samuels

Marsha P Johnson State Park

Brooklyn, NY 


Signals in the Landscape (2019)

Performed by: Phoebe Berglund, Juli Brandano and Amelia Heintzelman

Signals in the Landscape is a movement-based performance that travels through Storm King Art Center's North Woods, interacting with Daniel Buren’s group of ten green-and-white-striped benches that function doubly as seating and as art objects. Responding to Buren's simple cubic design and site-specific approach, the dancers construct solos, duets, and trios of slow-moving, shape-shifting, temporary sculptural compositions on the benches and in the spaces between. The movement score loops in a circular pattern along the path, the bodies becoming part of the overall ecology. Viewers are welcome to drop in and out of the performance throughout the day.

Storm King Art Center Windsor, NY

September 7th, 2019



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