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Juli Brandano

Wet Material (2023)


Wet Material emerged in the wake of choreographic research done on site at Rockaway Beach. Its dancers move across multiple timescales and rhythms, devised from studying tide charts, work/break schedules, Éliane Radigue's score (Épure), the sculptural tradition of wet drapery, and several other musical and embodied rhythmic influences.


Developed in collaboration with dancers Julia Antinozzi, Leah Fournier, and Amelia Heintzelman.

Fall Movement Festival
Center for Performance Research 
Brooklyn, NY  

December 1 & 2, 2023

FourOneOne Brooklyn, NY 
June 2023

New Dance Alliance Performance Mix

Abrons Arts Center New York. NY 

June 2023

Some Material (2022)

Performed by Julia Antinozzi, Sharleen Chidiac, Amelia Heintzelman, Jade Manns, Owen Prum

Choreography by Juli Brandano in collaboration with the dancers

Music by Alvin Lucier (“Marimba,” “Silver Streetcar” and  “Piper”)

Pageant  Brooklyn, NY

13 False Starts (2021)

Choreography by Juli Brandano in collaboration with Amelia Heintzelman
Music by Tommy Martinez

464 Queens, NY 
November 2021

Duet for Three (2019)

duet for three (2019) work-in-progress, performed by Leah Samuels, Sharleen Chidiac, and Amelia Heintzelman

duet for three mines its material from line dance unisons and simple rhythmic repetitions. The three performers navigate the structure of one long ongoing duet by repeatedly replacing one dancer over and over again. The excluded “soloist” dancer, in her solitude, progresses the task of dragging a box fan from upstage to downstage over the course of the piece. Picture-in-picture television, automated machines, and spirals are underlying structural images.

Movement Research at the Judson Church

New York, NY

cistern listerine (2019)

Brooklyn Arts Exchange Upstart Festival 
Brooklyn, NY

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