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evan ray suzuki

Last Minute Malfunction of the Pyrotechnics Display
with performing collaborators: Dominica Greene, Amelia Heintzelman, Sabrina Leira, Zo Williams

Movement Reserach at the Judson Church New York, NY 

March 2024


Julia Antinozzi 

What Light 

Performance: Juli Brandano, Leah Fournier, Amelia Koper Heintzelman

Costumes: Sonya Gadet-Molansky

Sound: Tonstartssbandht

Lighting: Connor Sale

Pageant Brooklyn, NY 

Trio for Judson
Performance: Paulina Meneses, Kelsey Saulnier, Amelia Koper Heintzelman

Sound: Eola

Movement Research at the Judson Church New York, NYC 


Sara Shelton Mann

Welcome to the Void (2022) 

School for Contemporary Dance and Thought Northampton, MA 

September 2022

Frames/The Revolving Door (2017) 

Fresh Festival at the Joe Goode Annex  San Francisco, CA
January 2017

Alexis Zaccarello

Peculiar Ochre; Line, Circle, and Other Landscapes (2019 & 2020)


DanceHolo Brooklyn NY 
November 2020

Center for Performance Research Brooklyn, NY 

January 2020

School for Contemporary Dance and Thought  Northampton, MA

February 2020

Christine Bonansea

OnlyHuman (2019)

Danspace Project
New York, NY 
November 2019


Berlin, DE 
November 2019

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