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Scores for DOMA (2022) 

Amelia Heintzelman, Juli Brandano, Leah Fournier

David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University 

Muncie, IN November 2022


3rd eye is killing me (2021) 
Amelia Heintzelman, Leah Fournier, Frances Heintzelman, Josie Bettman, Juli Brandano, Tommy Martinez
Groundswell Series Fort Green Park Brooklyn, NY 

July 2021

Trieber Farms Northfork, NY 
July 2021


Siteline Moonhouse (2019)

Amelia Heintzelman & Leah Fournier

Groundswell Series 
Fort Greene Park Brooklyn, NY 

September 2019

Oceanliners (2018)

Amelia Heintzelman & Leah Fournier

​Fall Movement Center for Performance Research
Brooklyn, NY 

December 2018 

Bodies in Motion Festival 
Northampton, MA 

January 2019 


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