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Jesi Cook

Whole body in my ear 2024

Whole body in my ear was a performance in which sound and body emerged as one fluid and dynamic textural form. The work saw performers splice and patch text, movement, and sound scores to create new languages and porous realities. This endurance-based auditory fantasy pushed toward dissonance, using it as a means to explore and amplify otherness. The scores built, heightened, and eroded an ouroboric circuit—with patterns repeating, leaking, and breaking apart throughout a shifting sculptural landscape.


Performers: Ayano Elson, Amelia Heintzelman, Mina Nishimura

Live Sound Mixing: Jeff Aaron Bryant

Lighting Design: Daniele Sarti

Rivrer to River Festival

June 8, 1pm & 4pm

The Arts Center at Governors Island, Upper Gallery

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