Comedy Pilates



All classes live through Zoom.




A real Pilates Mat class where full participation is optional but making fools of ourselves is required.

Amelia has been teaching since 2013 when she obtained her Stott Pilates Mat certification. For a long time she was bored with the robotic, symmetrical, frontal movement she was teaching. As a solution, she developed comedy pilates to raise enthusiasm in a class where you basically do the same movement in slightly different forms for an hour. She found the comedy aspect really helped people release their jaw. If you are looking to build strength, be in your body, and not take yourself too seriously, this is the class for you! Video and full costume on for best results.

“I will definitely need to take a ibuprofen after this class.” -Casey, Salesforce Regional VP

“Wooo! So fun! And feeling connected and ready to move through the day.” - Molly, First Time Student

“Great class! Not funny though.” -Anonymous Internet Troll

Yoga & Pilates (non-comedy)


9am Yoga Lucent

11am Pilates Loom


8:30am Yoga Loom

12pm Yoga Loom


11:30am Yoga Lucent

All classes in person, Zoom option available at Loom Yoga. 






Amelia discovered yoga and pilates alongside her dance practice in college, receiving her Stott Pilates Mat Certification in 2013, Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology in 2015, and RYT 200hr Yoga Certification in 2020. She enjoys layering and cross-contamination in all her movement practices. 


In class, heightened awareness is stimulated through deep integration of breath work and practices that challenge proprioception. Students are encouraged to focus on anatomical awareness through a thoughtful, physically challenging, and playful approach to movement. In each class she presents many opportunities for exploration based on each student's individual curiosities, allowing space for intuition to integrate into the more traditional and set pedagogies of the sequences she offers. 

Dance Improvisation


Prospect Park, BK





Outdoor dance experiences with rotating facilitators. 

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