Comedy Pilates



All classes live and streamed virtually. 




Amelia has been teaching since 2013 when she obtained her Stott Pilates Mat certification. For a long time she was bored with the robotic, symmetrical, frontal movement she was teaching. As a solution, she developed comedy pilates to raise enthusiasm in a class where you basically do the same movement in slightly different forms for an hour. She found the comedy aspect really helped people release their jaw. If you are looking to build strength, and maybe some confidence too, this is the class for you! Video and full costume on for best results.

“Amelia’s class still is the best and only pilates class I’ve ever taken.” -Nick H., 27 (College friend who showed up as a favor.)

“Amelia’s pilates class is a welcoming and inclusive environment that makes space for all levels and all types of bodies!” -Frances H., 19. (My sister, forced to write this by my mom.)

"Let’s face it, Pilates sucks and most days exercising can seem like such a chore, but by adding humor Amelia creates a class I want to take!" -Susan K., 55. (My mom and biggest fan. Probably upset I listed her age. Wrote me back saying "why do you have to list the age?")

Available for birthday parties, bachelorette things, corporate events! Inquire about having a comedy pilates class at your next big life event through my contact page!

Comedy not really your thing? I am also available for private pilates lessons, comedy optional. 






All classes live streamed virtually. 





Amelia Heintzelman is a lover of movement, embodied practice, and all types of wellness. She was introduced to yoga as a form of cross training for dance when she was in college and has practiced the form ever since. After recently completing her 200hr Yoga certification through Loom Yoga, she has a new awareness of yoga as a somatic form that is deeply integrated in the lineage of so much of her prior training. Expect a lot of flow and a lot of deep breathing! 

Interested in private lessons? Interested in integrating any form of movement into your life? Interested in being more connected with your body? Send me an email through my contact page!




Prospect Park, Brooklyn




Open level dance improvisation classes at prospect park. Rotating roster of teachers. Dancing outside! Free class! Best way I can describe these gatherings is as "dance hikes". 

Weekly class descriptions, teacher announcements, meet up locations all advertised through instagram. Don't have that platform? No problem! Send me an email and I'll add you to our private mailing list.