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Methods In Sports Fishing

“Methods in Sport Fishing” displays the intricacies and tensions between two performing bodies using string as a visual element. The work stemmed from an interest in the meticulous, meditative quality of sewing and the history of this traditionally female activity. What began as an ode to women as weavers grew into a work investigating inhabited spaces, the permissions that surround those spaces, and the physical devastations those implications embed. The work combines improvisation in performance with improvisation in sculptural work; the string is set up prior to each performance, unique to each show, while our spatial navigation presents a new experiment with each run. 

Collaborators: Leah Fournier (dance)
Tim Cleary (music)


Never Before Never Again at Triskelion Arts
January 2018

Just Being Polite Opening Reception at One Brooklyn Bridge Park
January 2018

WIP at School of Contemporary Dance and Thought
April 2018 


Spring Cycle Artist in Residence Showing at Chez Bushwick 
May 2018

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