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Lawn Chair Dances

May 22nd, 2021
7pm Ridgewood, Queens 

A Tribute To . . . (work in progress)

Leah Samuels 


"Breakaway" by Irma Thomas 

"Arctic Icemusic" by Terje Isungset, Beatrice Deer, Radik Tyulyush, Evie Mark, and Maria Skranes

"Iko Iko (live)" by Irma Thomas

A Tribute To . . . (work in progress) is a dance about being in other places. By looking through windows, imagination, and remembrance. The first and last songs are by Irma Thomas, the Soul Queen of New Orleans and a regular performer at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, a festival I have gone to with my parents since I was a toddler. The second song is newer to me, but is performed by Terje Isungset and his collaborators using instruments made out of ice. 


Jade Manns in collaboration with the dancers

Performed by Lilah Van Rens, and Iliana Penichet-Ramirez

Sound by Harry Zhang and Jade Manns

Thank you everyone who lent me their eyes. 


choreography, video, and performance by Ella Wasserman-Smith

sound tbd


Instead of making a dance I’m planting a tree. I keep digging up bricks - I think they match the facade of the Plastic Bag Factory next door, constructed in 1950. Excellent Poly. This material is recycled, it’s old footage, from when it was cold and I would travel from Brooklyn to Lower Manhattan to rehearse a dance I didn’t know how to make. The bridge is not a metaphor, that would be a disaster. A study found 95 of 10,926 instances of covid transmission occurred outdoors. Of the 95, 100% occurred at construction sites in Singapore. A construction site is not a metaphor either, but it is not necessarily well ventilated. My neighbor was giving away a plastic bubble and I put it in my backyard. Now we have an indoors outdoors in case you want to be outdoors but not outdoors outdoors. My new shower curtain looks like the yellow cellophane pieces I used in my last dance, only pink. Polypropylene. Excellent Poly.

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