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Second Life 2023

Choreography: Amelia Heintzelman

Performance: Josie Bettman, Juli Brandano, Julia Antinozzi, Emily Kessler, Madeline Hopfield

Second Life is a series of choreographies extracted from the performers’ past selves through cycles of documenting and relearning movement. It was influenced by Snug Harbor itself—its shifting ecologies and landscape, its intermixed architectural styles, and its adaptation and continued reuse.

As a 2023 Snug Harbor Dance Festival Artist, I collaborated with Snug Harbor to work with Staten Island locals through a community engagement workshop to make a dance work inspired by the historic site. I worked with local dancers and artists to develop some of the movement vocabulary later used in the work. This process fused my teaching practice with my creative practice to create a work that felt intentionally connected to the presenting venue, site, and local community. 

Snug Harbor Dance Festival curated by Melissa West
Carpenters House Snug Harbor Staten Island, NY

September 2023


Snug Harbor Dance Festival by Hallie Chametzky

for the Brooklyn Rail

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